Sunday, January 11, 2009

Homecoming Pictures!

This is Landon and I waiting for them to let us on the pier. He was soooo cold! He had Nikki's mittens on with hand warmers inside of them.

Finally get him in my arms.
A picture Stephanie took of us.

Random picture Nikki took.

I couldn't let go.

Landon talking with his daddy. He was so happy he was home.


I humped his leg......

My boys.
Our little family. Together again!


Brienne said...

yay!! so happy for you!

Sheena Marie said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you guys!

Ana said...

Yay for homecomings! I have to ask, however, if they always come home dressed in their blues? We have the rare homecoming on the pier, but cameras aren't allowed and they never come off in anything but utilities. That would be strange to see anything else...

kkrowan said...

Ana~ Yes they always come home in their blues (or dress uniform). I like it. I think its cute lol. To see all of the boys coming up and knowing that those shoes suck in cold weather.

I'm so mean.

Sheenie & Brienne~ Thank you both so much! I love you and miss you both so much!

Lishak said...

What fabulous homecoming pics! :) I'm glad you're enjoying your hubby again.