Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Last Summer (of you and me)

This was a really good book. I liked it a lot. I read this before I read the sisterhood books and was surprised that it was the same author. This book was nothing like those ones. I felt like she wrote the characters well and knew them (just as any author should). I laughed and cried and couldn't put it down.

The back reads

In her first adult novel, the author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants makes a journey to Fire Island, where 21-year-old Alice and her slightly older sister, Riley, are sharing a home and an infatuation. Boyish lifeguard Riley values her closeness with longtime neighbor Paul, but their "best friend" relationship has less pull than the attraction he shares with Alice. To protect Riley's feelings, the pair try to keep their blossoming romance secret. In the land of fiction, as in the real world, such furtiveness can't be sustained indefinitely, but in The Last Summer (of You & Me), complications and surprises confront us around every turn.

I would give this one 4/4.5 stars.