Friday, January 2, 2009

Chosen by a Horse: a memoir

Chosen by a Horse: a memoir BY Susan Richards

I really enjoyed this book. With all the snow we got today all I have done is read. It wasn't a fairytale book or a love story, just a good honest book about her love for a horse when the horse shouldn't be capable of loving like that. Scroll down to read a review of the book. No idea what I'm on to read next...maybe the Narnia series?

From Publishers Weekly
The horse was Lay Me Down, a tall, scrawny, sick (with pneumonia), abused standardbred mare, with a hostile foal at her heels and a wheezing sigh. The human was middle-aged, also abused (both as a child and in a bad marriage), an AA veteran and the owner of three Morgan horses in upstate New York. The Morgan mare, Georgia, was furious about the new intruder, although, Richards writes, "I blamed myself for creating a monster, a monster named Georgia. All these years of spoiling her, of never allowing anyone else to ride her, of letting her boss me around...." Richards's first book is an engaging, honest and low-key memoir of her love affair with the sweet-natured Lay Me Down and her almost love affair with a fellow named Hank, with many digressions into horse lore as well as life lore. Charming and sensitive descriptions of fiery Georgia; the gallant, lovable old gelding, Hotshot; loyal friend and "horsewoman extraordinaire" Allie; and daily life with animals intersperse with the trials of dating and buying underwear. The end of neither affair is happy, but this is a bracing and likable book, highly recommended for backyard horsewomen and their admirers.

I would give this 3.5/4 stars out of 5


Tonya said...

You just read a little bit of everything dont you? :-) I love to read too!