Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Everyone has something in their life that they are truly passionate about. For most its friends and family. For some it goes further then that. While my friends and family will always be number one in my life. I breathe music. I used to dance. It was a big part of my life and hours every week were spent in a dance room, mirrors lining the walls, preparing for dance competitions. I hear music on the radio and dance in my head, and while some people would call that crazy (mostly the people who have seen me tap dancing down the local stop-n-shop isles while doing my monthly grocery shopping). I call it love. I think about music and dancing daily. If I didn't have a child that I had to listen for I would fall asleep with my headphones on every night.

P.S. Random piece of information...Justin and I met on a trip to Seattle to play in our school band......LOVE!


. Becca . said...

Oh, where do I even start! Art, music, dancing, learning, laughing, friends, just living! I understand what it feels like to think about something every day, miss it, or not be able to do anything about it! I dance all around the house when I clean. Somehow not the same as in a studio, but fun none the less! :) I dream about just hunkering down in my very own art studio, with no distrations and limitless time and supplies, and just working. With the music blaring so I can dance when the mood strikes. :)

Anonymous said...

You know that feeling you get in your chest when you truly love something?

Like if you took that something away, your heart would break forever?
I get it in my chest when I make love with my hubby, when I hug and kiss on my kids, or they flash me that breathtaking smile.

Acting, singing, photography... and for the past couple of years anything birthing related. puts that feeling in my chest.

~His~ said...

i love counseling with ppl...helping ppl. It helps me focus on others problems and not my own.