Sunday, January 11, 2009


Justin is back and everything is back to normal. It was so amazing getting to see him again even if I was lucky enough to get to see him three months ago in Bahrain. After we chased the boat in and waited at the pier for a half hour for them to be all hooked up. It was time for them to start unloading. all the boys were bringing trash off. I was not right in the front so Justin didn't see me right away so I walked down to the fence and found him. I don't think he has ever held me so tight. It was amazing! He had bought me two dozen red rose....which he left on the boat hahaha. But its the thought that counts and if he would have gone back for them he would have gotten stuck doing more then he should have done. So we just went home. Landon was so excited to see his Dad and it was almost like he was never gone. They went straight back to being best friends.

We came home and watched a few movies and ordered pizza. Then headed to bed. It was crazy getting into a WARM bed! I forgot what it felt like. Then this morning when Justin's alarm went off he got back in bed and hit snooze three times just so he could cuddle with me. It feels great to be married again.

He left for duty this morning but came upstairs to kiss me goodbye four times because he wasn't ready to leave me yet. It will take him a little bit of time to get used to being on solid land and getting used to "Kim" rules instead of boat rules. Lol. I'm just happy to have him home!

Also hes planning a birthday get away for me! When his mom is here in two weeks hes going to plan a little trip for just me and him. I'm so excited!

Welcome home USS Alexandria!


Stephanie said...

I am so excited for you to have hubby home. It makes me jealous, but I know it's not too much longer.
The roses wouldn't have lasted long out in the cold anyway so it's better when he can get them straight into a car and home to you.