Monday, April 13, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

It's another great Monday! I really enjoy doing these challenges. I think it's so much fun and I love going and looking at other peoples answers. Go here to look at who else joined in on the fun today!

What is the Best Advice someone has ever given you? (I have 3)

After Justin and I had been married a few months my parents sat us down for a talk. They told us that marriage is about compromise (not compromising who you are with just what you do together) and it wouldn't work without it. If Justin wants to watch sports and I want to watch a movie. Compromise. He can watch for an hour, we will watch the movie then he can watch some more. Or with his video games, if he lets me sleep in as late as I want on weekends I don't care if he plays the whole time.

This has done wonders for us! Justin and I don't fight much if at all really mostly because of what my parents said. You can't be selfish in marriage because you can't just be out for you. It's a team.

I don't remember who told me this but I know it was someone in my family. They said it while Justin and I were engaged. Be best friends first. Justin and I started dating when we were 15. I guess our dating was hanging out, going to movies and going to school events. We were so young that it was like we were just best friends who did everything together.....then a little while later we were best friends who would kiss. Lol. I love that even after being together for so long and even having a kid together we are still best friends. I can tell him anything and he will back me up 100% with anything I want in life. We can still just hang out and watch movies on the couch. I love the way we are together and I think it has a lot to do with the advice I was given.

I think I read this in a book, which one? I have no idea but I have kept it in my head since then. Pick your battles...Is it really a big deal if your kid puts milk in their mashed potatoes? No not really. If they aren't making a mess and they are still going to eat them then let them be. I have a hard time with this but I really try to live by it. If I get mad at Landon for every little thing he does then we aren't going to be in a very happy house. Try to stick to the bigger lessons. No hitting, no throwing, no running in the house and no jumping on the couches (oh goodness the couches!). If you have too many big rules the kid is going to forget which ones were the big ones and have no idea which ones to really follow. Once they get older they should know right from wrong so I think this is more for littler kids. Just stop and ask this really a big deal?

If its just a little mess that I can bring the vacuum out for I let it go....but markers near my couch NO way. It's all about what works in your house. Just remember that kids need to have fun and they get bored a lot quicker then we do. I know I just need to relax and let him be. Messes can be cleaned and if it was fun then it was worth it. I just always remember to have him help clean back up so he learns the other side of the fun.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?


Kasey said...

Those are great! I really like the compromise one and it is so true! If we didn't compromise on things we would be at each other all the time and seriously, who wants that?!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Good advice! Thanks for sharing all three. I really like the one about being best friends first. My hubby & I were young when we got married and we waited 6 years before starting to have kids. I look back on that time as having the time of my life with my best friend- we did everything together. Bringing kids into the marriage strengthened it, but we had a firm foundation to start with!

Have a great week!


~His~ said...

hmmm...The best piece of advice i've ever gotten was from my grandma of course. She said always keep your independence while being married and I love it. It's even better advice being married to a navy guy. Never forget what you want in life and what you enjoy because time apart is just as important as time together. If I didn't have my own friends and own hobbies and own life I could never make it through a deployment!

Xazmin said...

Those are some great pieces of advice...thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love your #2, my husband and I are best friends and that's what does it for us, what's gets us through tough times.

Tanielle said...

Great, great advice!!! I especially need to work on the third one. I need to calm down and let them be kids!! Thanks for the reminder!

Have a great day!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

These are really great!! I can tell you that picking your battles works not only with your husband but definitely with your kids as well. Found your blog over on Kasey's. What a great idea!!

jennykate77 said...

All three are very good words to live by. Picking your battles applies to so many aspects of life. I always keep that in mind too.

Hope you have a great Monday!!

Vivienne said...

Great advice! Especially #3. I am soooo bad about that one!

capperson said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing the advice. I hope to one day find a guy I can call my best friend and my husband also.

Rhonda said...

All 3 are great advice! I love choose your battles because I can be uptight at times. I do let my kids run in the house...they get that battle. (The house is set up perfect for it...oh and mom chases them too.)

Compromise, compromise, compromise!
Notice the promise in that word. That's a promise we should make to our mates!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

All such good pieces of advice! I live by the "pick your battles" advice -- I mean, why make mountains out of molehills, when there will be plenty of real mountains in life??

Love your blog!

jenjen said...

Hi There! Great advice! All of those are so great. It's hard for me to compromise sometimes. I need to work harder on that one!

Sorry I'm so late commenting today!


Ana said...

I'm going to agree with pick your battles, for sure. I'm the mother who lets her child jump on both the couch and bed. After all, a boy needs to get his energy out somehow when it RAINS all the freaking time. I also let them play in the pots and pans and rearrange the tupperware when I'm making dinner. They do not, however get anything at the store when they throw a fit, nor are they allowed to jump on anyone else's couch or bed. Motherhood is also about compromise, apparently, haha.