Thursday, April 2, 2009

Forts & Friends

I LOVE my friends kids. I love that our kids play so well together even with a good age gap.

I watched my friends little boy a few times last week for her. It was so much fun. He's such a good little kid. He never cries or whines and he does exactly what I ask him to...and he's not even 2!

This is Kaidyn and Landon eating popcorn. Landon likes me to make a few bags and then dump it all in there so he can eat it.

Kaidyn was quite for a little while so I went to look for him. He was just sitting there looking at a pencil (debating on whether to draw on the walls or not I'm sure).

He cracks me up. He's such a happy little guy.

Then later in the week my friend and her little girl came over to visit. Landon and Belly had tons of fun playing in the box.

Not much has been going on here. I feel like I don't get any time with Justin which sucks and I do my best not to get all stressed about it but its hard. We are buying Landon his massive swing set this weekend so that should be fun. I'm excited for him to have it. He always wants to go to the park and I'm fine with that but after an hour I'm if we have a park in our backyard he can play on it as much as he wants to.

In other random news I'm started/joined a bible study. I'm so excited. I think it will be just what I need!