Thursday, April 16, 2009


*Disclaimer* Kinda weird...turn back now*

Last night I wasn't feeling so well. I was camped out on the bathroom floor for a bit. Justin came upstairs and must have heard me in there (poor guy) so he went back down and got me some water and saltine crackers. When I got out he was in bed waiting for me with a movie in(Max Payne...kinda different). He said he knew I didn't fell well so our movie night could be in the bedroom...awwwww It was so sweet. I love him.

ANYWAY to the good part.

At some point after the lights went out I got undressed, and when I say undressed I mean I was wearing nothing but my shirt. Ok that's a little strange but not too bad. Well, I had been sleeping for a while, it must have been 3 am when I woke up, I turned over and looked at Justin.....then remembered what I was wearing! I instantly jumped up to put more clothes on because it was highly inappropriate to not be wearing underwear while I was in bed with him. Really? It's inappropriate to be almost naked with your husband? I never knew. So I stumbled to the dresser and put some on. Then jumped back in bed and was out.

I was so tired and I'm thinking that for some reason I thought he was someone else? Lol. Maybe for some reason I thought Landon was in bed with us (because I am very picky about what I do/don't wear around him since he's past the age where he doesn't notice things). I thought it was funny. Oh the things I do when I'm sick.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, it had to be where you were sick. Maybe you even had a fever. Hope you're feeling better!

Sheena Marie said...

You've officially lost it!