Thursday, April 8, 2010

BBC "The Last Song" Week 1

Hey everyone! I hope everyone got their reading done! If you're not quite done, don't worry! Try to finish and come back and add your link as soon as you can!

Here's how it's gonna work. I'm going to write a prompt. You then go to your blog, answer the prompt in a post and link back(on your blog and on Mr. Linky) on here so everyone can read what you wrote. Try to visit a few peoples blogs and comment just so we can spread the BBC (blog book like it...original right?) love. IF you don't have a blog, just answer the prompt in my comments below.

Week 1 prompt: What do you think of the relationships Ronnie has with everyone so far? AND how are you liking the book so far?

My answers- I have a slight problem with the "snarky-I hate everyone" attitude. She treats her parents like crap for no reason.....I can't seem to be okay with it. She does have a soft spot that you are starting to see more and more of, mostly with her little brother and the little kid on the pier. It's strange how she wants to fit in with the "bad" kids but isn't really anything like them, it's almost like it's all for show.

So far I'm liking the book, I'm surprised by it to tell you the truth. But I do have to say that I think Miley isn't who I would pick to play the role of Ronnie.....just doesn't fit for me.

Ok I have to add. This book was FIRST written as a screenplay for Miley Cyrus then made into a book. It's not quite like his other books, but still follows his writing. If this is your first Nicholas sparks book, don't judge yet, you might like his other ones.


Jes said...

I have a confession...I'm not cut out for a book club. I thought I could do it, but I can't. I've already finished the book! Once I start reading a book that is good enough to catch my interest, I can't put it down!! I'm still going to keep up with what ya'll have to say, but so I don't accidently spill something that happened after chapter 10, I'm going to keep my comments to myself until the end! Hope you all enjoy it!

KK said...

I know exactly how you feel! I'm having a hard time putting it down to! If you can, try to think back to the begining of the book and answer what you can always add a disclaimer that you've read ahead and might accidently spoil something.

tina said...

I finish my reading three days ago had to start another book so I wouldnt read more. I like that Ronnie can hang out with the bad kids but can still be good reminds me of a couple I know. My favorite saying is now from this book, when he asks if the son knows what pms is. Pissed at men syndrome is perfect.

Anonymous said...

well I was up till like 2am last night and couldn't sleep so I already wrote out my thoughts about it in my blog. didn't know we'd have a discussion topic. and you're right miley is NOT who i would see as the character either. but then again (and i do see it this way) she can do "fake tough" well. lmao

trying to "delve deeper" into the book...hmmmmm

i can see that maybe he was trying to create the hostile feelings a teenager can have towards her newly divorced parents, and not understand why it's happened.

she truly does love her brother, but then again their siblings so he annoys her too.
she IS trying to act tough, but you can clearly see she doesn't belong in with the "bad" crowd because her character has a compassionate heart as well.

i didn't realize this was a "teen" book. something felt off when reading it. the language is incredibly simple.
granted i don't like huge words, or even use them on a regular basis. But i like to read adult novels much more. lmao

Gonna stick it out kim. i'll try not to be too negative. i'm sure you don't want me posting "it's crap" after every week. lol but hey, not everybody is going to like every book right?

Strong "er" then you! said...

Yeah I haven't even went and bought the book yet things here got really crazy this week. So when this book is done hopefully I can catch the next book. Sorry :(

Anonymous said...

I'll have my post hopefully by tonight. Read it but we have had some stuff come up the last couples days.:)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm still a chapter behind but I'm hoping to catch up by Monday!

Anonymous said...

I agree about her attitude. She has the typical I hate everyone teen attitude, glad we never had that ;) I like that you said she wanted to fit in but doesn't really fit with them. That's exactly how I felt towards her. I also probably wouldn't pick Miley as Ronnie. It's hard to get passed Miley as a person and see her as this other girl, I guess maybe, I don't think too highly of Miley's acting abilities. I guess when I do see the movie I may feel different. I also love the "Pissed at Men Syndrome" Tina!