Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Part 3

Last night Landon and I decorated sugar cookies (I HATE sugar cookies, no idea why, but I do. So I don't like to make them just to go through all that work and not eat them...then have them go in the trash) so I bought a little kit this year. It was so cute, cuter then I expected by far. They had gummy ears and teeth that you could put on them and Landon LOVED that.

He wanted to make his a one eyed bunny.....only my kid I swear! He is so random. Then our kissy face for daddy (don't judge it was before bedtime and I A- had no makeup on and B-am fried from our hike the other day....I know I don't look my best here and I don't care). We had a lot of fun making them together and Hundley was watching us like a hawk just waiting for one to drop!

After we made cookies we did a glow-n-the dark egg hunt in the livingroom. I tried to take pictures but it was too dark. lol.


mommymichael said...

can i just say, you're brave for doing all these projects on the carpet. we do ours at the table. lol

KK said...

Haha. Most of the time we do these crafty thing when we are watching a movie together. He's done this stuff enough that it doesn't really make a mess and all we need is a plate (or for bigger things I use a plastic table cloth).

I think it's just the age.

Hannah Noel said...

For some reason I can only do sugar cookies around Easter, otherwise I usually hate them too! Love the one-eyed bunny, haha.

Adrienne said...