Friday, April 30, 2010

Book 2 "House Rules" Start

Everyone ready for the next book? I know we are still getting the feel of this so if you have any changes you think might work better, please let me know! I think we're still going to do check-ins on Thursdays. It seemed to work well for everyone. We are going to take 5 weeks this time since it's a bit bigger of a book.

We are starting the reading today (next week will be our first check in). So if you're new and you want to join us, please do! The more the merrier! We have rules posted over to the right on my blog "About the BBC". Read the rules and join in!

Here is the reading list of pages/chapters. It's a little difficult to explain due to how it's written so those on E-readers feel free to message me if this makes no sense. You might understand better once you start reading though.

Week 1- Read pages 1-106 (for e-readers stop when you get to (3-Theo)
Week 2- Read pages 106-210 (for e-readers stop when you get to (5-Jacob)
Week 3- Read pages 210-319 (for e-readers stop when you get to (7-2nd Emma. it's doesn't say 2nd but it's the second time you get to a chapter of hers in 7)
Week 4- Read pages 319-422 (for e-readers stop when you get to (9-Rich)
Week 5- Read pages 422-the end.

I know I said it in the rules, but you are more then welcome to read ahead. But please, don't spoil the book. Jodi Picoult books have a lot to them and it could be ruined easily. I just jot down what has happened when I reach my stopping point for that week, then I go on. That way I don't give away major details.

Happy Reading!


mommymichael said...

those on e-readers (well i know you can on a kindle at least) can mark notes and highlights. i've been doing that so far in my reading.

the chapter marks make complete since to me. thanks kim!