Thursday, April 29, 2010

BBC "The Last Song" Week 4 (final week!)

We're done! WooooHooooo. On to book number 2!

I couldn't put the book down the last 100 pages.

If you didn't read with us and you want to read the next book we are starting Jodi Picoults "House Rules" today! First check in is next week!

Also, this post has MAJOR spoilers for this book, please don't read it then get mad because you wanted to see the movie/read the book and we ruined it, I gave you fair warning.

Week 4 Prompt: What didn't you see coming in the last 100 pages? Also, as always how did you like these 100 pages? Same as how you've felt about the whole book or did it change your opinion?

My answers- I saw the cancer coming a mile away. I called it from the get go in the first few chapters. I didn't see the Blaze stuff coming though. The accident or the theft stuff. I love what Will did for her, it gave me a whole new view of him. I like that she came around and fixed everything with Ronnie......but a little thing that bugged me was how she changed how she dressed, it just seemed a little over-the-top unreal to me. lol.

I really liked the book. Once again it wasn't the best I've ever read and I don't think I will read it again, but it was good. The end really pulled me in and I couldn't put it down this week.

So excited to start the new book! I will post up tomorrow on what pages/chapters to read each week. I have it all mapped out, but I don't want to add it here and make this post longer then it needs to be.


~His~ said...

I was the complete opposite. I didn't see the cancer stuff coming but saw the Blaze stuff coming. Happy Reading!

♥Mrs. B.♥ said...

I was happy that Will did that for Blaze. It really showed his character. I TOTALLY agree about her changing her style. I think that was a little overkill. Just her coming forward and trying to mend things with her mom were enough to show the change in personality.

tina said...

I like the book didn't see the blaze thing coming. I did like how Will attitude towards blaze change and he realized not to judge by the cover. I would have like to know if wills mom grew to like her and if they ended up together longer. Maybe another book coming. Ha ha ha.