Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Part 1

Yesterday we went to the Base Easter egg hunt. 15,000 eggs and about 500+ kids. It was nuts. I don't know what the people in the back of the pack did, we were in the front and it was kinda hard to get eggs. But Landon had a great time. Mandy went with us....she does everything with us when J is gone...poor Mandy.

When we were leaving we ran into Jessi and her son Adrian (who gets along so well with Landon!) so we talked for a bit and took a few pictures. It was a ton of fun, but next year I think we will look for other egg hunts to go to.

And someone needs to tell that mom that socks should NOT be worn with ballet flats. ALSO If you are dressed in a nice sun dress and your hubby is in a button down shirt, please don't have your kids in their PJ's it makes you look like you are more about how you look then how your kids do.


tina said...

I love the pictures the basket on the head is funny. It warms my heart to see him enjoy the things I send.