Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Landon & his bike!

When we came here for the summer Landon had never been on a 2-wheeler bike. We don't have anywhere that I feel is save enough for him to ride in CT,  he has a scooter that he rides everywhere. 

So when we first got here he found a bike with training wheels and started riding it. After almost 3 weeks of that he asked my dad what those little wheels were for, when my dad told him that they were for people learning how to ride a bike....Landon asked him if he could take them off. so he did. Landon started riding that day and is now a pro! He did great camping and is doing even better now!

We took a little video for Daddy to see how good he was doing. I put it on facebook but J asked if I would put it on here so he could find it easier next port. So here it is!

Landon says he will be asking Santa for a bike this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

go landon!!! roan was riding one of the two wheeled ones at walmart when we were still in CT, but nate said to wait until we were in washington to get it. =( lol

they grow up so so fast, landon looks like such a big guy now!