Thursday, September 30, 2010

Humble Pie.

The dog was caught after 8 hours and a block party. I now know all of my neighbors and owe them cookies. Haha. I met some great people. We all bonded by trying everything we could to catch the pup. We walked, ran, crawled on the ground, played dead and even tried to trick him into running into a house. At midnight he gave up and walked right to me! It was a long, fun night and I have a few new friends because of it.

I was humbled tonight. Here I am, getting frustrated by a dog. While the owner is out fighting for my freedom. How dare I. Watching a dog for a few months is nothing compared to what he is doing. I have been frustrated. I think mostly because me watching the dog has been done through e-mail from my husband "so-and-so needs you to watch their dog". It wasn't coming from the guy who was asking, but from clips of emails from J. Tonight that changed. J had gotten the e-mail about the fleas and how upset I was. He told the guy so he would know what happened(Knowing J he was uber sweet about it, thank goodness). The guy e-mailed me tonight.

He apologized for him coming to me with fleas and said he knew he wasn't being taken care of, but had no idea it had gotten that bad. Said that he will cover all cost of flea treatment and that he is so sorry. But this one part got me.....

"once again thank you and your family for everything, from the day I met you till now... I do appreciate everything you have done.. and i really hope this hasn't put a bitter taste in your mouth for helping others.


Once again. I'm humbled and taken down a notch. I can do this. I can take care of his dog(who is well behaved besides the lack of screen door etiquette). I can do this for a guy who has no one else to take the one thing that is here for him when he gets back. I will suck it up and chase him when needed just to be sure he is being taken care of, because I know I WILL take great care of him. Without a doubt.


Bri0213 said...

this made me cry... i miss you!!

Anonymous said...

If we aren't humble God will humble us. =)
At least he did it gently.

I'm glad for the new perspective for you, and I hope the remaining months are peaceful.