Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wizard Day!

I love to do fun things with Landon. I like doing them more when it's just the two of us for some reason.

Last weekend we had a Wizard day! Right when we woke up it started!

*We played with some Wizard cutouts from a neat craft book.

*We had a Wizard snack! Wands and witches brew (pretzel sticks and chocolate milk!).
*We made a wand and a Wizard hat!
(To make the wand: Take a straw(not a bendy one) and roll one corner of construction paper around it. Then roll it all the way up the paper till the end. Then tape or glue end. The star is 4 stars(identical) cut from paper. Then I bent each in half and taped them together. I cut the end of the wand stick into 4 parts. Then taped each of the ward parts onto the star shapes)
I didn't take pictures of the steps to make the hat and as I was just typing them out, I realized that it didn't make any sense. Sorry! I really should have taken pictures of the steps. In quick terms. Two pieces of paper. One in a giant circle, the other as a big rainbow shape(with the middle). Cut out center of circle but leave room to bed the paper(easier if cut) up into the other. Wrap rainbow piece to form cone. Bend cut pieces up into cone and tape or glue! hahaha. I told you it doesn't make much sense!

*We made some potion (vinegar, green food dye and baking pictures(way too messy for the camera))
*For dinner we had Wizard Pizza with toadstools(mushrooms), Lizard guts(sausage) and Dragon tongue(red peppers)! He loved it!
*Then we watched a movie and even had movie tickets! We watched The Sword in the Stone! Perfect for our theme!

I loved doing a whole theme day. I think we are going to try to do one every other weekend while J is away, then once a month when he gets home.


Amanda said...

what an adorable and creative idea!!!!

James and Megan said...

Kim that is such a cute idea! Way to go, you are a great mom!