Sunday, September 26, 2010

What would you do?(updated with answers!)

Husband e-mails me. Says his friend (who lived with us early this year) needs a place for his dog to go(He's deployed). Long story short, guy broke up with his girlfriend and she was threatening to take the dog to the pound(because she's so mad he broke it off with her). He's had this dog for years. Loves this thing like it's his child. So since I know the dog(they lived here for about a month and a half) he asked it I would watch him.

The nice part says YES hands down, YES. BUT It's not a few weeks we are talking about. It's a few months.

What would you do?


fancypants said...

If I had the means, I would probably take the dog in- I'm a softie. It is a big commitment, I commend you for considering it! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How many months, exactly? Is he going to be eventually taking the dog? (and why can't he now?) I'm a softie, too, so I'd say yes...IF I didn't already have 2 dogs, personally. It's a commitment, though, alright... :\ I guess it would depend how long it is.

Bri0213 said...

Knowing how much the dog means to him would make me want to do it.. but that is a BIG FAVOR!! Good luck with your decision

(Wild) Rice said...

For a friend of mine/my husband with a known temperment, absolutely. But, I am a big softie and cant see punishing an animal because a couple broke up.

You have to do what is right for you though. If you cannot fathom taking this on, dont. Dont feel obligated by what me or others think.

Good luck in your decision!

Michelle D. said...

I'm a sucker for animals. If it's feasible, I'd do it. I would so say yes, just prepare yourself for the possibility of your son wanting a dog when the doggy daddy returns. lol

And bless you for thinking about possibly doing it.

KK said...

Ok. Lets see if I can answer everything. The friend is deployed. So he has no other option. But he will for sure, no doubt be taking him the moment he gets back(He LOVES this dog!)

I will have him for at least 3 months. No telling exactly he will be home.

We already have a dog so I'm not worried about Little wanting one. lol. He just loves this dog soooo much(since he lived with us before with said friend)

The dog is great with me(except he LOVES to sleep in bed with me...and he's not little), is great with little and great with my other dog.

I have no real reason not's just quite a long time to watch a dog.

Jen said...

how will the dog do at your house though when he's not there? Some dogs can be totally different when there owners aren't there at all. Other than that, I am like everyone else, a softy. I couldn't see turning down the dog for someone who is deployed when I knew he would come get him/her and not just abandon them at your house.

You do have the right to make a choice though and he can't hold it against you or your hubby if you decide it's not best for you guys.

I also would make sure the friend is willing to pay you back (or has a way to take care of things) if any expenses arise (if dog is sick or hurt etc.) and maybe give you some money for food or buy you a couple bags when they get back.