Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School dilemma.

My son is in the half day kindergarten program here. It's PM so he goes from 12:40-3:20. I don't mind this. I don't like that he's considered a walker so I have to drive him everyday. I mean, I don't mind driving him, but it would be nice to have a little more time since driving to and from, walking him in and saying goodbye takes almost 45 off the time I would have to get things done. Well, my little more time prayer was answered today. I got a call that a spot had opened up for the full day kindergarten class and if we wished to take it, it was ours.

But I feel guilty. I don't need him to be in all day. I'm a stay at home mom and I'm more than happy taking care of Landon. What if a working family needed it more? Is it my fault? Do I say no just IN CASE someone else needs it? All these thoughts were going through my head. So here is my pro & con list.

*We will have to wake up earlier and go to bed sooner (we like to sleep in. lol)
*We won't have the time we did have in the mornings together before school (after sleeping in, it really wasn't much)
*I'm worried all day might be too much for him.
*He likes his teacher and his new class now. What if he doesn't like THIS new one?
*What if I don't like this new teacher?
*I really like the teacher he has now.
*I love that his class size now is TINY! Only 14 kids (but everytime I new kid comes into the district, they will go right into this class). The new class will have more kids(I think 20).

*He is way excited for "nap time". Haha.
*He will get to have a "big" lunch everyday and I would let him buy once a week (which he thinks is AMAZING!)
*Longer amount of time to learn the same things in the shorter class.
*Playground time. While this doesn't matter to me, it REALLY matters to him.
*It gives me more time to get the things done that I need to get done.
*I won't feel like I'm running around trying to make sure I pick him up on time since I will have enough time to get everything out of the way. No more dragging him to my Appt.
*The class students won't change as much. Unless a kid has to leave, no others will come in. Stability is NICE!
*I feel like he will learn more.
*The teacher has been teaching for a while so she knows what she's doing.
*He's only had 4 days of school so it won't be a HUGE upset to move him.

I think I'm just freaking myself out. I wish I could talk to J about it. But I know what he would say. "KK, he doesn't need all day, but you know he would love it". And he's right. Landon would love it. Before I made the decision, I talked to Landon about it. All he wanted to know was if they had nap time(no idea why) and once I found out they did, he was sold. He's also excited about everything else....mostly the lunches and the playground time.

So tomorrow he meets the new teacher and visits the class, then he will start all day on Friday.

I hope I'm making the right decision. I just need to shake this guilty feeling.


Jen said...

DON'T feel guilty! If they offered it to you guys take it! It's better that you can have a little more time to do the things you need to do and just cause you are staying home does not mean you aren't just as busy as a working mom. You are most of the time a single mom and you deserve to take a break and it will in the long run make you a better, happier mom and wife!

If Landon is ok with doing it full time (which from what you said it sounds like it) than that's the biggest thing. You will still have the morning time on weekends :)

I also think the stability will be good for him. He can develop better friendships rather than people coming and going. Plus a more experienced teacher is great :)

tootie said...

You shouldn't feel guilty! It sounds like it will be a great thing for your son.

P.S. I'm new to your blog, and I really like it! :)

Michelle D. said...

Don't feel guilty Mommy! This is good for your little man. More learning time. More socializing time. And now he doesn't have to be bored going to do your stuff. I'm sure he'll be fine. Hugs your way.

Ana said...

I don't think you have anything to feel guilty about. If you were sitting there begging in front of some poor working family that couldn't afford daycare, maybe you would have a case, but they offered, you accepted, and it's no big deal.

That said, I very much wish we'd had a choice! I hate that he's in all day, but at least he's doing well. Small class size is hugely important to me, so I would have considered that a big factor, but clearly a lot of people make it work fine. And, oh, how I miss sleeping in! It's not a bad thing that I am forced to get moving earlier, though.

I did find it hilarious that nap time is a plus to your son. Mine hasn't napped in almost three years, so if they had nap time in his class, he would have been so pissed.

KK said...

Thank you everyone. We toured the class today and I think it's going to be an amazing change. The teacher is great and I love everything he will be doing. Landon also loved the class when he visited later in the day (without me!).

Michelle said...

How is he doing in full day? I totally understand the scheduling part. At one point I felt like all I was doing was driving, elementary kids dropped off at 7:40, preschooler dropped off at 9am, pick preschooler up 11:30am, pick up elementary kids 2:45pm. The back and forth was too much.

KK said...

Michelle_ he loves it! He was so happy when I picked him up, not because he wanted to go home but because he had the best time. I'm really glad we decided to take the spot. I think it's going to be really great for the both of us!