Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School Traditions!

I love doing fun things for Landon. I love doing things year after year.

Growing up I never really had any back-to-school traditions. So I knew I wanted some for Landon. Some we did last year and some are new this year!

1. The last day of summer I let Landon pick any one thing he wanted to do.
This year he picked to go to the "Really big, fun park" that he went to on his field trip in school a few months back. We were there for almost 2 hours playing! He had so much fun!

2. I make him a mock hot lunch for dinner! This was new this year and he loved it! I think he liked it mostly because he doesn't get lunch at school only being half day. lol. He thought it was the most amazing dinner ever! I bought the trays to complete the "Lunch" feel at walkmart for only $1!
For dinner we had: Chicken nuggets & french fries, canned peaches & pears, a brownie and milk!

3. I take him to and from school on the first day. This is something my mom did and I always loved it. I liked knowing that she was there with me.

4. After his first day we have date night! I take him somewhere special then I let him pick anywhere he wants to go for dinner! So last night we went to the splash park then off to dinner at Friendly's. It was so much fun just being the two of us at dinner. I think we are going to do a "date night" once a month.

(my camera battery the one picture I could take, sucks. sorry!)

Does anyone else have anything fun they do for going back to school?


Soon to be Navy Wife: Ashley said...

I do the first day of school taking my daughter to school instead of riding the bus. I also do slumber party night. Usually it is the Saturday before school starts she picks out 3-4 movies and she picks two snack she wants me to make on top of popcorn. The party starts around 3 in the after noon, and ends with star gazing and flash light tag. It is a tone of fun.

KK said...

I love the movie thing! That sounds like so much fun! I might have to do that with Landon!

Thank you for sharing!