Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pirate Day!

Happy "Talk like a Pirate" Day!

We are having a blast here! So far we have.....

*Dressed up like pirates

*Made a telescope!

You need constructions paper, paper towel roll and tape.
Tape one end of the paper to roll. Roll it up! Then tape the other end so it stays.

*Gone on a treasure hunt.

*Had Anchor sandwiches for lunch.
*Had slippery planks (Celery and peanut butter) for a snack.

(photographed together to save space. lol. The "Planks" can be made and set in the fridge for later. Then you're not in the kitchen off and on for little things)

*Talked like pirates.
*Talked like pirates some more....

*Made a pirate ship!

The ship! I'm a little proud of myself!
Part of the oar and the wheel?
He's in there yelling "Land HOOOO" as I write this.

*We played in the Pirate sandbox.

We are still enjoying Pirate Day.  I will keep posting as we do everything!


Bri0213 said...

your so cute!!

Anonymous said...

oh! I love celery sticks with peanut butter. that was a favorite snack of mine growing up. :)