Friday, October 5, 2012

Deployment Recap: Week 2

Week #2.

Great! I'm in a really good place. I have goals and I won't let anything get in my way!

Physical: I'm feeling better! I think part is I'm getting more sleep, which is always a plus!

Communication: Quite a few emails this week! Exactly what I needed!

What's something fun you did this week: Girls days! Casey and I spent 3 hours at the book barn and ate at SOL where she works! It was a really amazing day. Then, Steph and I went to the movies today! We saw Pitch Perfect and it was super good! I also had book club this week which is always amazing!

What are you looking forward to next week: We have a 4 day weekend! I'm looking forward to getting some Halloween crafts done with the Sister Missionaries!

What made you happy this week: Feeling like I'm exactly where I need to be. I love our house and I'm really enjoying getting it all settled!

What made you sad/mad this week: Our favorite Missionary went home this week. He's been so amazing. He was always willing to help when I needed it and was a great friend to Landon. I know we will be seeing him again!

What do you miss this week: My foot warmer. We had a few cold nights and it took forever to get to sleep with my chilly feet. J sleeps soooo hot so I would always put my feet on him and they would warm right up!

How's Landon this week: Cranky. We will have a really good day, then a REALLY bad day. He's testing me and I know he's just hard. We've started a good reward system so I hope that helps.

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: Fall TV is back on! I LOVE Hart of Dixie!

Pictures from this week:
My book barn finds! I got 42 books for $90! And they all look almost brand new!!! AMAZING! The most I paid was $6 for falling up, everything else was $4 and under!

Playing games with the missionaries! This game was sooo much fun! Not as easy as we expected either!

Landon and Lemon at Landon's soccer game. He was so excited that they came to watch him play.


Mrs. B said...

Lemon left?! Awww he was funny!

KK said...

Yeah, his mission was done. He went home. We were super sad but Not-lemon is great so I'm happy he's still here!

Stephanie said...

That Lemon guy is kinda cute lol. Thanks for going to the movies with me!!

Blonski fam said...

I absolutely LOVE your weekly re-caps. You are an amazing woman and I hope you know that!!

KK said...

Thank you Keri. I miss you guys! We will have to come visit you!