Saturday, October 27, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 5!

Emotional: Better! I still don't feel like doing much, though.

Physical: Better! I've been super tired though, I think it's mostly allergies.

Communication: Tons! Mail dropped and I got everything that he's written for the past 3-4 weeks!

What's something fun you did this week: Last weekend we went to an FRG things at a local farm/ice cream place. It was so much fun!
What are you looking forward to next week: Being shut in my house with no power....Just kidding! I'm so NOT looking forward to this hurricane!

What made you happy this week: Landon's Parent/Teacher conference went AMAZING! I'm so proud of how well he's doing! I'm so glad he got into this school. I feel like it's everything we've been wating for his education! He's above grade level in reading and in the 98%tile when it comes to math! He loves this school and I'm so happy that it's worked out!

What made you sad/mad this week: This storm stopping family from coming to visit.. I'm super bumed. My SIL had a ticket to come out with her baby and it got cancelled.

What do you miss this week: Laying in bed together listening to the rain. It's always been my favorite and every time it rains, I think of him.

How's Landon this week: GREAT! He's doing so good in school! I'm just so proud of him! Even his teacher says he has really grown in the past few months!

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: The song..."the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss" It's my go-to song every deployment.

Pictures from this week:

Both are from our trip to the farm. He really loves it there.


Sami93 said...

Stay safe up there! From the reports I have been getting from my family in MA this is one heck of a storm!