Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pirate Birthday Party.

This will be just all the cool stuff I did for the party. So no good party pictures yet. I had a lot of fun this year coming up with things to go with the whole pirate deal. 
I use a few of Landon's toys to decorate for the party. I put candy in or around them to add to it. The bowls in the middle had pretzel goldfish, sweetish fish and normal goldfish in it.

For gift bags. We printed out on normal brown lunch bags. Easier said then done...let me tell ya. But I LOVE how they turned out! Each kid had one with their name on it. Inside was a party blower, pirate hat and a wooden pirate mask(found at Joann's Fabrics for $1) that they got to color and take home. They were a huge hit! They also worked great for all of the pinata stuff
To keep the kids busy while we were getting things set up I printed out Treasure Maps on cardstock for the kids to color. I didn't think the kids would really care about them...but they LOVED them! They were so cute!
For food I made Octopuss hot dogs (you cut them so they have 8 legs then boil them. They get a round shape while they cook), Shell mac & cheese and Anchor sandwiches. Everyone loved the food and it wasn't really that made me happy! Then we had the normal snacks out....along with all the fishy snacks.


Amanda said...

so so cute! thats a fantastic idea!!

Phoebee said...

hey kim i saw your blog through jenaleis & just wanted to say hello.

what a cute party & happy belated birthday to landon!

oh & saw the post about the cupcakes & i must say.. you super talented! very very cute cupcakes =]

the octopus hot dogs are super adorable! we had those & crab shaped hot dogs for my sons beach birthday last summer & the little kiddos loved them lol.

hope he had a great birthday! =]

Coleen said...

I came to find your blog via the "Next Blog" button up top, and had to stop to say the special touches you did for the party are awesome! I am in the middle of planning my daughters ladybug party and I only hope it's half as creative as your pirate party!