Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hurry up! and...wait.

Sometimes I don't know if life is moving incredible fast or incredible slow.

Time seemed to crawl waiting for J to get home, it flew by when he was getting ready to leave and now that he's gone? I wait.

I feel my life is a constant wait.

Wait for him to come home
Wait for him to leave
Wait for Cancer results(more than one the past few months)
Wait for the Navy to decide if we stay or go
Wait for order choices
Wait to see if buying a house really wasn't the best choice
Wait for the boat to freak out when we accept orders
Wait for Little to be home from school
Wait during soccer, karate and lacrosse practice
Wait for the dishes to be done so I can do more..same with laundry
Wait for an e-mail...
WAIT for an e-mail....
Wait all day for phone calls.
Wait for dinner to cook
Wait for bedtime

I am happy to say that we have officially accepted orders to stay here for shore duty and they are already 'hard' orders not just verbal. Now I just wait for my man to get home and start shore duty!


-J.Darling said...

You know what stood out to me here? You wait for there to be more dishes/laundry to do.

Maybe you and the little guy need to fill the schedule with some stuff to do w/ others to help pass the time? Or work on some crafts to send on the next mail drop?

I found the middle/end of deployments to be the worst!

KK said...

Lol. I don't wait to have more I want to do them. I always seem to have too many of both things.

We are more than busy enough! I don't think we could take on anything else. We always have people coming and going around here. Helps pass the time for sure.