Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I wanted to make a list 20 things that happened this year.
1. We bought me a new car!
2. Paid off Justin car (after having it for only 2 years!)
3. Justin went on Deployment
4. Justin Re-enlisted while deployed
5. Justin qualified on the boat almost 9 month early!
6. I got a passport
7. I used my passport when I flew to Bahrain to see my husband during a port visit!
8. I saw my 3rd ocean!
9. My sister got married and I not only got to be there but was in the wedding (and I got to hang out with Brienne!)
10. Justin and I paid off all of our credit debt
11. I replaced all of the furniture in the house (everything but couches and my bedroom)
12. Justin and I rode camels in Bahrain!
13. We took a mini vacation with our Besties to Boston
14. Landon and I went to NYC
15. I took a 14 hour flight...never again!
16. We got our puppy who is no longer a puppy.
17. I read over 50 books!!!!!
18. I lost almost 20 lbs while Justin was deployed...go me!
19. I got the whole house done and unpacked the last box!
20. I fell in love with my husband all over again.


AndreaLeigh said...

those are some major accomplishments! congrats on paying off your debt!

Brienne said... forgot to say you saw me!! that should have been #1!