Friday, April 23, 2010

Aquarium & a picnic!

While on spring break last week we tried to stay very busy! That weekend we didn't have the best weather so we couldn't really play outside, so since Hannah & Emily were going to head over to the Aquarium so we decided to tag along. We had the best time! We had a lot of fun hanging out with them so much over break it was amazing!

Pictures from top left-

  • Landon watching the Beluga Whales. They were so graceful in their tank. I could have watched them forever.
  • Landon with the penguins. This little guy stayed right next to the glass the whole time! It was so cute and Landon loved it!
  • Landon's favorite part was getting to pet the sharks. He loved it and could have stayed there forever.
  • Petting the shark!
  • The nemo tank. It had a little eel looking thing that kept popping out and spitting sand, we stood there and laughed for quite some time.
  • (I Think this is my new favorite picture of Landon). We went to the picnic area after to eat our lunch. The picnic area isn't amazing, but it works. They had about 10 tables to pick from.
I hope everyone is doing great! We have been super busy and I hope to put quite a few pictures and such up within the next week or so!

This is a fun place to picnic before you go in(or after you get done) they have a few picnic tables set out and while it's not the most amazing place to picnic it is nice that you have the choice to eat outside.


~His~ said...

I wonder the reason for Landon enjoying one of the most dangerous fish in the aquarium lol looks like you had fun though...

Phoebee said...

aw looks like hes having fun! do they have the bird feeding place open yet? christopher loved that one! the aquarium of the pacific here has the same thing but instead of the bird food on a stick its nectar in a cup and ughhh i wish it was a stick cause i hate the feel of claws on my hand =/

anywhoo. hope all is well. is it warming up yet?