Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye my love.

I had pulled an all-nighter making 12 dozen cookies for my husband and a bunch of his buddies on the boat. So when I laid down in bed just to hear the alarm go off 30 min later, I knew it was going to be a longer day then I had planned for. We got up and got everything ready, woke Lan up, got donuts and said goodbye. Landon and I came home and snuggled for a bit then had to get back up and get ready for the picnic.

The picnic went from 10-12 and the boat was set to leave at 2. The boat is so amazing, they are the only ones here that I know of that do a picnic like this. All of the cooks come out and make hotdogs, hamburgers and all the sides for the families while the sailors come up to say goodbye.

J never came up. at 12:30 I told the omb. that I just needed to see him to give him the stuff he forgot (like the new camera he bought just for deployment!). at 12:45 he walked off the boat. He said he was one of four guys aloud to be up there and he had a while since he had to work through the picnic. He also informed us that they weren't going to be leaving on time.......

My boys at the picnic.
I love this picture of us.

He got to stay and hang out for quite a while and it was so nice! After he went back to the boat we decided that we were going to stay to watch them leave so we could chase them out. They ended up not leaving till after 5!

Here is the amazing group of ladies that were there with us watching the boat go. I'm so lucky to have such amazing people to share this with.

These are of Landon & I while the boat was tugging up to get ready to go.
Justin was waving to Landon from the top of the boat so Landon waved back to him. This part I think was the hardest of the day. He loves him so much.

Once the boat pulled out we all raced to out cars to beat it down the river. We stopped about 5 times to see it from different places. The first was right off the road. Mandy got some REALLY amazing pictures of the boat when we stopped.

The we stopped at a few places down the river where you can get pretty close. We even saw J waving at us as they were going down.
My friend Bri & I watching the boat leave (both our kiddos fell asleep in the car on the drive from the pier)

These are all from our last stop at the beach (the same beach where J and I were the night before. All I could think about was being with him not even 24 hours earlier in the same spot....) Landon and I sat on the rocks and watched them drift out.

Mandy wanted to get a few shots of us on the beach so right before the boat disappeared we got a few. It's the black dot in the background.

I'm sad that he's gone. But the pride I have for what he's doing outweighs that by a ton.

I'm so lucky to have J in my life and I'm so proud of him for the sacrifices he makes not only for our family but for our country as well.

Goodbye my love. Be safe and come home to me soon.


Anonymous said...

Aw that made me tear up a bit. It reminded me of watching my mom deploy and how Michael is deploying soon too. Stay strong and your family will be in my prayers

Tiffany said...

I hate that you had to say bye for awhile. But I'm glad that you got that extra time with him!

Good luck staying busy during his time away!

jleigh2011 said...

Awh, this made me tear up as well, the pictures added so much to it. Stay proud like you are. Be strong for yalls son. Glad the day was fun for you.

Amanda said...

that is so sweet of you to make those cookies! and that IS awesome that they have the picnic, none of my step-dad's ships ever did anything like that for the families.