Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The morning of.

I had to take J to work the day he left sine the car needs to be home with me. We woke up(or J woke up. I had not slept yet since I was up till 5 making cookies for all of the boys on the boat) and I helped get the rest of his stuff together then we woke Landon up.  

Landon was super tired and so sad that he had to say goodbye. The only thing that helped was knowing that we got to go to the pier for a picnic to say goodbye again.

We have a tradition that when J is leaving for a deployment or even an underway, we stop and get dunkin donuts and hot cocoa on the way to the boat and eat them in the car. It's a fun little treat to make it a little bit better.
I love these pictures.  They really are best friends and it's going to be so hard while Justin is gone.

 While I know I'm a picture happy person. I like to have all of these amazing memories while Justin is gone. Landon loves looking at them and I love sharing with our family back home.


Amanda said...

i think its fantastic that you take so many pictures!! i wish i was more like that, we never get pictures of anything!

KiwiChops said...

Very impressed with how you handle the life you have, and it is lovely to read about your love for eachother

KK said...

Thank you. We try really hard to make the best of it.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I think that's great that you guys have a tradition to help brighten the day.

tina said...

I love how they are together this pictures are so cute. When I see pics of them it always makes me emotional. Especially when Justin is leaving I know how much he hates to leave u two. Also once again thank u for always posting pictures it makes me feel I am not missing anything.