Saturday, May 29, 2010

BBC Book 3. "Thanks for the memories"

If you would like to read with us (the book club) Then please do! We love to have new people join us! If you don't know how it works click on the "About the BBC"  page at the top of my blog. If you still have questions or don't understand leave me a comment or e-mail me. We are going to be starting a new book next week and the first heck in will be a week after that.

The book for June is........

This is the only one that really got any votes. I will post next week about the pages and such for each week. I also found a few new books that I might add to the voting list. I would like to know what books I need to bring with me on the trip home, so we might be voting for July & August at some point in June.

This book was sent to me by my MIL so I don't know if it's in every store. I do know that she got in From Costco though.