Saturday, May 8, 2010

Show us your lives (Baby Names)

I love Kelly's Blog. I've been reading since she was preggo with her daughter.

She started a thing called show us your lives, and I loved this one. So better late then never. Here I am! lol

J and I didn't mean to get pregnant. I was on birth control and it still happened (someone had bigger plans for us then we thought!). We had our unborn sons name picked out since we were 15/16 (we knew the pattern we wanted and well.....we are HUGE soccer fans). But could never decide on a girls name to go with the pattern! lol. We didn't have to worry much though since our little one ended up being a boy!

If you know us in real life then you know the trend with our names.

Justin D
Kimberly D
Landon D
Yep. JKL(as in the ABC's) all with D middle names. To us it's more fun. We know that if we have another child it has to be an M name and so on. here is what we have picked out for the next few kids (if we ever have more).
Masen or Maddox (middle name Donovan)
Noah (middle name Daniel) I doubt we will ever get to kid 3 though!
Mercedes/Mercy for short (middle name Dae)
Norah (middle name Danielle)
Olivia (one of the above middle names if not taken)


Jes said...

my hubs and I both have the same initials and we plan to include any future children in the scheme =)

Mrs. Macready said...

Our children are all named after someone we know, and care about, in a modernized fashion.

Strong "er" then you! said...

We don't have any thing fun for names like you do lol. But we had a boy and a girl name picked out for years and years before we ended up pregnant.

Well yeah hated the girl name after we found out she was a girl. So I had to compromise with my husband that KC would still be some where in her name. So Kaylin Christine it was and so glad because she def does not look like a Kaycee.

As for a boy that name won't change and when we have a second which hopefully by the end of next year is my goal his name will be Tyler David.

Brianna said...

My husband and I picked out a boy's name before we even got pregnant. We never did decide on a girls name so I guess it was a good thing we had a boy. We named him Mason Cole. We also have another boy's name picked out if we have a second boy but still no girl's name.