Thursday, May 27, 2010

"House rules" Week 4

If you're not reading with us not, but you want to get in on the next book! Vote! We love having new people join us!

First. I'm sitting here at one in the morning, listening to Glee music with all the light out watching this AMAZING thunder storm we have going here! I'm lov'n it tonight! Ok, on to the book.

Wow. This book is getting better and better! I have to be honest I don't really have much of a question this week. I just don't know what to ask! So lets try something your own question on your page and everyone can answer it in your comments.

Week 4 prompt: How are you liking the book now that we are getting close to the end? Is it what you expected?

My answers- I love this book. I like how Oliver is with Jacob, even though he wants to lie, I feel he's really looking out for him and truly cares about the family. I hate the courts, but I'm glad they are giving him some exceptions to make it easier on him.

Instead of my question for the comments I'm going to open voting for the next book. While I loved doing a poll on the side, we had 20 people vote and only 8 read. So we are going to do it this way. It will make this post a little longer then it should be. But I want to make sure the people who are going to read are voting. Also, I'm going home for the summer so we might be voting again early for the next book......or pick your top two (in order) that you want to read (if you wouldn't mind reading all of them, say that to!).

Go HERE to read what it's about.

Click HERE to read what it's about.

Go HERE to read what it's about.

Click HERE to read what it's about.

Happy Voting!


Sheena Marie said...

Don't pick Wicked!!

Jen said...

For June I say Thanks for the Memories, and July, Wicked.

mommymichael said...

I say - thanks for all the memories.

Jenny said...

Ok I am going to read this time lol.

I vote....

Thanks for the Memories.

~His~ said...

I didn't put it in time for the first book but for the second on my voting. I vote for Eat, Pray, Love.