Friday, May 14, 2010

More Family Pictures!! ABC Photography

J was on leave this past week and we did a TON of really fun things (tons of pictures to come). One of the things we did was get family pictures done again. We were heading up to Hartford for a picnic (at Bushnell Park) and our photographer decided to tag along to check the area out for other shoots.

We had a really great time and got some really AMAZING shots. I think I even like these ones better then the last ones we did.

Amanda (our photographer) is giving people here in New England a chance to get a great deal on a photo shoot! Just mention my blog and she will give you 25% off! You get a few hours worth of her time (It's up to you and her), anywhere around here that you want to shoot at (she has some great places), as many outfit changes as you want and if you talk to her I bet a location change as well! You will get anywhere from 150-400 pictures (depends on time and location) all on a disk! She can edit pictures for you as well (pending on how many you need edited a small fee will be added). She's done all of our pictures for us, from Landon's birthday to J going out to Sea. She's amazing! Head on over to her blog here to look at some of her work and contact her!

Here are the newest pictures!

These are of J and I with Landon. We always try to get a few of us with him alone. I hang them in a joint frame by our front door and I love being able to change the pictures every few months. I LOVE the bottom two pictures in this bunch.

These as you can tell are of just J & I. I love having pictures of the two of us, but we don't get many due to one of us always being the one behind the camera.

I love how this collage came out. I like to get single pictures of us every once in a while just so we have a few. For some reason I really love that picture of Landon to the right. It's just so him.

Family pictures. We did so many different things this shoot. In the top left you will see us took us so many tries to get it right, but I love how it turned out and it's actually the desktop background on our computer now. I love the mean face one under it also, once again it's just so us. These are the best family pictures we have. I really love them. Exactly what I wanted before he leaves.

These last ones are from the carousel they had there. It's an old one....over 100 years I think they said. We had so much fun riding around on it. Amanda was a little disappointed with the pictures, but I'm not. The one of the top left of Landon blows me away, such an innocent child picture.  Landon loved it so much we had to ride it again, but we didn't mind (do know that it goes FAST and has no seat belts for little

Head on over and book a shoot with Amanda! You won't regret it I swear!


Amanda said...

wow, those are really great!!!