Thursday, May 20, 2010

BBC "House Rules" week 3

Hey everyone! I know a few of us are really busy right now, so come back and post whenever you can! I wanted to let you know that we are going to start the voting for the next book today or tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to do a side poll since way too many people voted that aren't in the book club. We will comment on the post I put up so I can count who voted that's in the BBC. If you don't mind, I would like to vote for the next two books (since I'm going home for the summer and want to bring them with me if I have them already). Anyway, look for that post within the next day or so and we will go from there.

Week 3 prompt: What do you think of the competency hearing? After hearing what happened in the other trial (the Bean case) did it change your feelings about how the hearing went?

and as always how are you feeling about the book?

My answers- I was mad about the hearing as it was going on and after. I thought it was unfair that they were asking him those questions. I felt like they really didn't take the autism into account when questioning him (but they really haven't the whole book). But after hearing about the Bean kid, I realized that it's unfair any way you do it. If that kid didn't get off who the hell would?

I like the book a lot. I just wish they understood Jacob a little bit more. It's hard reading what he's thinking and knowing that they just don't get him.


Jen said...

I agree... I wish they understood him more. It was sad when he was thinking he would just start talking in numbers cause he thought that was the only way people could understand him, but it just made him look even more "weird" to everyone. That would be so hard to never feel as though someone is understanding you.

~His~ said...

Something tells me if there was a child on the stand even if he was just a witness they would be understanding and compassion but Jacob isn't getting anything. If there wasn't understanding from Jess's family that would make some sense but nobody is understanding.