Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book 3 "Thanks for the Memories" Start.

Book 3! I really enjoy reading with everyone. I know the middle of the last book got hard due to most of our husbands deploying, but I hope this one will be a little easier (we can hope). Let me know if you want to see any changes made to how we do things. I do know that I'm going to put what we are reading on every post so people don't have to go back to see what pages they need to be reading and I hope it makes it a little easier.

So here we go! This book has 371 pages in it, so I think we are going to take 4 weeks for it. That okay with everyone?

Week 1- read chapters 1-11 (stop when you get to 12)
Week 2- read chapters 12-20 (stop when you get to 21)
Week 3- read chapters 21-30 (stop when you get to 31)
Week 4- read chapters 31-end

Happy reading!