Friday, October 8, 2010

BBC- The Castaways: Week 1.

Go here to join in on the book club fun! This month we are reading "The Castaway's"

1. What was your 1st impression of each of the characters?

-Chief- Kinda the same. He loves his wife(but I do think shes a little bit of a "prize") He's quiet and very involved in his job.
-Andrea- Shes the level-headed mom of the group.
-Jeffrey- I don't like him. I think he's a dick to his wife.
-Delilah- She takes a lot in her marriage and I think shes about done with it. She is a GREAT mom.
-Addison- SLEEZ BALL! I hate that he wants to take the kids and feels like he has more of a place because of what he was doing with Tess.
-Phoebe- You can tell shes not really there. Too much pain has made her empty.

2. Have you ever lost a close friend? ( You can elaborate on this one or not.. completely up to you!)

I lost my sister. I was in the room when she took her last breath 3 years ago. The pain is at times crippling, so I know how it feels to loose your best friend/sibling.

3. Affairs- if you knew one of your friends or their spouse was having an affair would you confront them, tell your friend or their spouse, OR keep it to yourself? Explain.

I've done this before. While every part of me screams YES! They didn't believe me. I had as much proof as one could without having pictures and word from the mouth that she was doing it. Later he saw her for what she was worth, but we all stopped being friend because she convinced him I was lying.

4. Do you have a group of friends you hang out with all the time? What kind of things do you do?

I do. I have the ladies here in CT. We get together and watch movies/little get togethers. And we have a couples group where we get together and do potlucks here at my house and play games. J has a HUGE group of friends back home that we always go to dinner with when we are home.

5. What do you think happened to Greg and Tess? (I will be including this question every week.. to see how your answer changes as you read)

I thought they just got drunk and went over....then the toxicology results came back.....

And of course what do you think of the book so far???

It's good. It jumps back and forth a lot, but it's good.