Friday, October 29, 2010

Deployment Recap! Week 23!

Week 23:

Emotional: Better. Drained. But I think things are going to start slowing down!

Physical: Still sick. BUT I went in and got drugs for my sinus infection so I hope I'm better by this time next week!

Communication: I've gotten a few, not a ton but enough for me!

What's something fun you did this week: I helped in Landon's class for their Halloween party today! It was super cute!

What are you looking forward to next week: Haha not having anything planned! I need to rest!

What made you happy this week: Getting the "job" at the aquarium! I'm really excited!

What made you sad/mad this week: Nothing really. I just want to be done being sick.

What do you miss this week: I miss Justin being home for all of these fun holidays. He would have loved to take Landon trick-or-treating this weekend.

How's Landon this week: Great! His sports are finishing up and he's doing so well in them! I'm really proud of him.

Pictures from this week:

Landon getting his new belt this week at Karate!

Crazy hair for spirit week!

At the Halloween party today!


LivKit said...

This is a great way to stay focused and the time pass by... It seems it.. :) Have a great weekend!