Thursday, October 28, 2010

Work? Ish?

I had an interview today! I guess I will be working....but it's called volunteering. Haha.

I've never had an interview before and I would be lying if I said I was only a little nervous. I got to the parking lot 30 min early just to calm down and get my head together. You see, to volunteer here you must be interviewed and they decide if you would be a good fit or not. I know a TON of people sign up to interview(I saw the sheet!), but they are still letting people sign up, which means not everyone gets in.

I was expecting to go, interview and have them tell me that they would let me know within a month or so if I got a position(hoping I would get one I was REALLY interested in, but alright with anything).  (I bet you are wondering(If not, I would be!). "Kim, where did you interview?".   Are you ready? At the Aquarium! Sweet, right?! They have a few things they have volunteers do. You can "push" papers AKA stuff envelopes, you can help with the classes, help at the exhibits explaining what everything is and answering questions....OR you can work with the animals. Working with the animals isn't as glamorous as it sounds(or so I'm told). You prep fish and clean poo. You get little to no real contact with the animals.)

Ok, so I went and interviewed. It went REALLY well. They asked me why I wanted to be there, what I was looking for working there, what exactly I wanted to do and the one questions that made me think....... "How do you feel about Aquariums?" How would you answer that? I really want to know. I think I answered well, but I don't want to say what I said until I see what others would have said.

Anyway, at the end he started listing off the jobs I could pick from RIGHT THEN! I chose mine as soon as I heard it but didn't want to sound over eager......I think my face gave it away though.

I'm going to be working with the........

African Penguins!

Amazing, right?! I was sooooo excited! The best part of it is that I will be with them! I won't be hugging them and all that, but I will be in the cage with them and they will be underfoot at times in the back! I did get warned that they are the most aggressive of the penguin breeds and that for the first few weeks I should keep my arms in tight(and I would see the trainers arms as proof of this! EEKKK!!).

I start in a little over a week! It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm excited to start! I've never worked an 8 hour day in my life!


~His~ said...

"How do you feel about aquariums"? "I feel the same about aquariums as I do about not being a mother going into the nursery at a hospital, scared to death but excited". I would say that if I'm being totally honest lol