Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Photos!

We got an e-mail that we had a mail-drop in 24 hrs. I panicked! I hadn't taken any pictures of me in the last month and a half and I knew J wanted a new one of me. So I called my photographer Mandy. I asked her if she would take some of us early before school so I could print them and have them turned in by noon. Thank god she said it wasn't a problem!

At at 7 AM we went next door to the little park to take some pictures. It was a quick shoot but I'm so happy with what we got!

Justin HATES this hat, so I always get pictures in it for him. This time I had Landon put it on to! I love this picture of him, I think it's my new favorite. I love hoe green his eyes are.

Me in the hat.

Landon & I. I love the fall colors outside right now.

He's so funny. I have a ton more, but these were my favorites.

If anyone in New England is looking for a photographer, let me know! She does great work and has amazing prices.


Sailor's Wife said...

The pictures are adorable!