Saturday, October 23, 2010

Deployment Recap: Week 22!!!

Week 22:

Emotional: Not so good. It's been the worst week of the deployment by far!

Physical: Still sick!! I think I might have to take my butt in to the NACC.

Communication: Sailor-mail is messed up. He will write something and I will get it a week later. I got 3 in one day this week numbered 2-4.

What's something fun you did this week: Went to this amazing cider mill here in CT!

What are you looking forward to next week: Halloween stuff! Getting pictures done!

What made you happy this week: Landon tested and passed for his karate belt! I'm so proud of him!

What made you sad/mad this week: People. I wish people knew that what they say/do can really hurt someone. I also hate people who lie and think they are getting away with it. Being blindsided by someone being mean was a hard week.

What do you miss this week: Sheena. Shes my best friend back home and I just miss her. I think I might get to go home when she has her baby though!!

How's Landon this week: Really good! He's growing and learning so much! I really wish his dad was here to see everything.

Pictures from this week:

Not letting me upload. I will try again a little later.


LivKit said...

Im experiencing a deployment as well! Good luck to you! Newest follower!

~His~ said...

I'm here for you and I hope you know if you need ANYTHING! Hope everything gets better.

Just Another MilSpouse said...

I love reading your recaps. It's such a great idea. So, which cider mill did you go too? I'm in CT too, and haven't been to one yet, how was it?

KK said...

This is the one we went to

It was amazing!!