Monday, October 11, 2010


When we read the book "house Rules" with my Blog Book Club (The BBC) I shared my views on vaccinations. Having a son and hearing about the new research stating that some believe it causes autism (due to what they believe to be mercury poisoning) I decided to delay. I DID NOT STOP vaccinations, I waited a little longer between them(which is still safe) to give his body a little more time to recover from each one. I believe in vaccines. I just don't think it's good for such a little body to get so many so close together.

I saw this online...on facebook. Big shocker? Everything has been on facebook lately.

Watch and let me know what you think.  *some nasty language*


Ana said...

Well, I'd say this pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject. I do agree that not getting them all at once is probably best - my oldest had them on schedule and while he did fine health-wise, he still talks about the four shots he had to have all at once when he was four (he's nearly six now, and never gave us grief about having shots done - rarely even cried). That was horrible, and I will never, ever put my kids through something like that again.

All that said, I've heard far too many stories about kids dying of things like polio and whooping cough for me to just say vaccines are killing our kids. It seems like the opposite is true. I do have a healthy mistrust of the flu vaccine considering how hit or miss it is each year, and we typically skip it, but the others they boys will all get at some point.

Stephanie said...

I plan on spacing ours out and eliminating some (like the chicken pox one and hep b can wait til he/she is a teenager...and I think flu shots are lame and Jimmy gets sick every time he gets one). To each their own. I don't necessarily believe it has a direct correlation to developing autism, but I don't feel the need to give my infant a crap ton of shots at the same time.

KK said...

I agree with you both. We spaced them out. I don't think giving a small child that many is a good idea and it's bound to mess something up.

I also think the flu shot is a joke. You never know if it's for the "right" flu that's going around. It's just a guess.

Anonymous said...

We gave roan most of his on time in the first year. the most that gales ferry would "let" us space out was 2 in the same month. ah to go back in time and be more empowered...

you know the story about him having words at a year, then losing them. by 15 months not talking at all... i don't know what caused it. still don't, probably never will.

but what i do know is that i stopped the shots, started fish oils, and did therapy with him.

Willem at the time we stopped shots, was 4 months old.
Trills hasn't had any besides the vit k.

Now this is not to say that in the future they won't have any at all. But, especially for roan, a mental delay was a sign that something wasn't going right. I didn't want to stress his body with more vaccines.

He did get the measles shot when they had that outbreak. but he hasn't had the mumps and rubella. not sure if they even separate them out any more.

I will probably help roan catch up slowly in another year or so.
But what scares me, is that my mom and i have stressed immune systems already. both of us have auto-immune diseases. she has rheumatoid arthritis and i have schleroderma morphea. mine of which did not come about until i was playing catch up with vaccines in high school - several in both arms. you'd think that as a 16 year old and a having a developed immune system that I'd be able to handle it. Instead my body went into overload and i developed an auto-immune disease that could have possibly just been left dormant. I don't know if this will be passed down. there in lies my concern. especially with roan (who already has issues), and trillian. auto-immune diseases seem to be passed through the female line. (from what the doctor in houston told us.)

I don't care much for penn and teller. their information can be jaded by what would be more entertaining. which seems logical considering they are... entertainers.