Friday, February 19, 2010

Shoe Addicts Anonymous week 2

Click the link to the left to head on over to Queen of the Bookcase and join in on the book club fun! We are only on week 2 so it would be easy to get all caught up!

Week Two Prompt: How do you think the meetings are going so far? Is there anything about the book that is frustrating you about the group? Do you still favor the character that you chose last week, or have you switched to someone else?

So far, the meetings aren't doing much But no one has bought any new shoes so I guess they are working in a sense. I have no idea where the meetings are going to go in the book. Maybe it won't be about the meetings as much as them coming together as friends.

I still like Lorna and she's grown on me even more as I read more of the book. If it wasn't for Jocelyn being such a pushover I think I would LOVE her....but she needs to grow a pair.


anonymous prep said...

I agree - Jocelyn needs to stop being such a doormat!

Kaitlin said...

I am a little lost too with the meetings. I don't see how the author stretches this story out in to two books, because it feels like it is dragging right now.