Saturday, February 20, 2010

Playmobil Knights Take Along Castle

I love woot. I got a lot of Landon's Christmas gifts from that site for REALLY great deals. I just happened to look yesterday and saw a playmobil toy that I knew Landon would like.

Woot is amazing! not only did I get it for half price but the toy explanation made me die laughing (they always have the best toy write-ups!). So I had to copy it on here for you all.

Playmobiling Rivalry

“Mom! Mom! Mom Mom Mom! Coryn’s being ahistorical again!”

“Am not!”

“He is too! He keeps attacking my Playmobil Knights Take-Along Castle with figures that didn’t even exist in medieval times!”

“They are too evil times!”

“That’s not what I said, stupid baby! I said ‘medieval’, back when they had castles and knights and armor and treasure chestesses and fireball catapults and all the other stuff that comes with this castle! Not bunny-people and piano guys and panda trainers and guys with buffalo hats! There’s a reason those figures are all sold separately! When you fold the castle up to make a carrying case, they don’t even fit inside!”

“Boys, boys, can’t you both just play together? Use your imaginations! Who cares if it’s ahistorical?”

“Mommy, I’m not ahistorical! That buffalo-hat guy (sold separately) is actually modeled on a Gallic warrior, who would have been a perfectly plausible enemy of the knights in that castle!”

“Wow. Uh, your little brother makes a good point.”

“But Mom! They’re SOLD SEPARATELY!”


USNchic said...

Oh my gosh! My son has been bugging me for a toy castle. That is adorable! What's the website?

KK said...

It's a deal site where the deal changes everyday. The main on is then they have

They don't have the castle anymore but you can buy that one (and way bigger ones) from amazon or

Playmobil is huge in our house. It's like legos....but better. lol. (so so many little pieces)

USNchic said...

Great! Thanks for sharing!