Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ego boost

After my last post, I had quite a few people thank me for posting what I did and/or telling me that they loved what I wrote. I don't try to please people with what I write, I just write what I feel. I'm lucky that I don't get blog hate mail (please don't start now!) and I'm starting to really feel like myself on my blog.

My follower number is going up slowly (when I hit 100 I'm going to have a massive giveaway, so please, spread the following love!). but sometimes I still don't know if what I say is going to go over well. I do try to keep my personal gripes off of here, though sometimes it's hard. *sigh* I just like being me.


Ok. My ego boost was yesterday when someone got to my blog by google searching "Strong navy wife". In my life if I am to be anything, that is what I hope I am.

Thank you to whoever googled that. You are the reason for my huge head right now. Because yes, yes I am.


Jenn and Eric said...

You -are- a strong Navy wife. You are one of the very few I know that NEVER seems to let the Navy beat her down. I am sure you have your bad days. We all do. Just you dont let those get you down.

Lishak said...

Did you know that you have 106 followers on Google reader? :)

KK said...


Really? How do I find that?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Your numbers should be going up! You're awesome!