Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alta Lake! We heart camping!!!!

We spent this last weekend (well 4 days really) camping. We used to go to this lake every year with all of our family. My dad started going to Alta when he was only a year old and every year since, we've gone (well I did before I moved). I hadn't been in so long and I was so excited when I was going to be home for the summer trip over!

We had the best time. It's the first time I've ever gone and not stayed in a trailer.....we were all in tents. I have to say that tenting was so much more fun! Besides the hike to the bathroom that is. haha. My in-laws even went this year. We all stayed at the beach for about 7 hours each day. No joke. We swam, went on the boats and just had the best time. Landon rode his bike everywhere and is such a trooper! Every time he would fall he would get up and keep going! He only cried once and it was for a GOOD reason.

The last night we had a pretty nasty storm. In over 50 years that my dad has been going over there he only remembers it raining 3 times! Once was this last Saturday. We ended up under cover in the tents or the dinning canopies for the rest of the day. We played A LOT of phase 10 and Mexican train domino's. It was so much fun! My sister and I are also a bad combo together (if you real life know me.....think me times 10 and you have my sister and I together). We were singing glee songs at the top of our lungs and telling some pretty good jokes.

I'm so glad I got to be here for the trip! I know I will remember it forever.

Picture time!
The one thing I miss the most in CT is the mountains. Here you can see them everywhere you are. On our drive I really got to see some of the views that I haven't got to see in a really long time. Being back after being gone for so long makes me really look at things and appreciate where I grew up. Washington truly is a beautiful state. This is a picture I took while we were driving over the Cascade Mountains.

This a picture I took in the car. The road winds up and around everything. I love it.

This is my cousin Sean. We are only 3 months apart. I never get to see him and it was great getting to spend so much time with him on the trip. This is the only picture I got of the lake. It's settled down in the hills and is just perfect!

The view the first night from our camp site. It was AMAZING!

Landon, Cole & Shayla rode bikes constantly! I love having so many nieces and nephews! They light up my life!

Keilee! I gave her her first sour patch kid...and she LOVED it! This was on the really rainy day huddles under the dinning canopy.

The whole gang! Don't mind my makes me look like a house...but 1. It's mass comfy for camping and 2. I didn't want to wear a bra and the baggier the better for that! haha.

Papa & Landon!

I love that they have matching shirts! It was too cute!