Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls trip. LaPush!

Some of J's family live over on the reservation in LaPush....right on first beach. So I asked my MIL if she would come along and show us around since she grew up over there. I've always been interested in J's side of the family and their heritage. I'm Scottish and very much so love the culture, he's the same about being Native American. I want to learn as much as I can so I can pass on both sides of our family to Landon. It was so neat getting to go over there and learn so much.

This first batch of pictures are from our tour the first night. We weren't really on the reservation since they don't like the tour buses going down there, but we were close enough.

The Treaty line. It's funny how much the town has changed and added to work with the Twilight hype.

This was right after the treaty line at a little store/cafe.

Jacob Black shake. Blackberry.....a-maz-ing!

Down at the beach. It was a dreary day...exactly the weather that got it it's spot in the books.

Me....I was a little cold.

After that we headed back to the B&B. Something amazing was there.....but I promised I wouldn't share any of the details until it will have to wait. Michael.....keep your mouth shut. lol.

The next day we had breakfast (wow! It was good!) and headed out. We went down to LaPush and spent quite a few hours walking around and visiting with J's family. His moms cousins husband (follow that?) was the chief for a while then is being asked to be chief again. It was so different seeing how things work there. It's a little world within a world.

We walked around First Beach and all around the reservation (which isn't very big at all).

These are the pictures from that day.


Me at First Beach.

I LOVE little Indian babies! This is J's second cousin. (My MIL's cousins grand-daughter)

The sign coming into the reservation.

I did get a few neat Native American things. I got Landon and I both Ghost Bead bracelets. I do have to say that Landon has not had one bad dream since I bought him his. He was having bad dreams almost every night.


Bri0213 said...

Booooooooooooo now I wanna know!!!!!!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

haven't said a word chica. ;)

Stephanie said...

What was amazing and why do you have to wait until October to share???? I loveeee the pictures :) So jealous!

KK said...

Some people were filming and they let me watch. They made me promise not to say anything or I would ruin it for them and I needed to give them time to stop filming there due to an overload of fans.

It might not seem cool to some people.....but I was excited and Michael was too. We're big fans. lol.

I could post a little about it (like who they are) but it would ruin it for when I do the big post in a few months.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think that would be so fun to go there!!