Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My hubby has been in port this past few days. So my time has been filled with amazing phone calls and skype dates. Sometimes it's hard only getting to talk to him when he's in port....but something is better then nothing.

He's done with Bahrain. He was there 3 times last deployment(once with me! yay! but he hated it when he had to go back and see places I was just at with him) and now he's been there twice this deployment. It was so hot while he was there...I think he said it was in the 130's? But we got a good chunk of time to talk and I got to see him via Skype (when it wasn't acting up).

Here is a picture of my love washing his clothes(a trick I might add that he NEVER does at home!). They lied and said that they lived there in the barracks so they could wash their clothes for free. I love the way the boy mind works. haha.

I heart him. It's one of those silly little things...but I LOVE seeing that ring on his finger.

He was in such a good mood once the skype was really working. He was making silly faces and just trying to get me to laugh. It was nice to laugh with him....

ok this next one is BAD. It's gross.....I'm warning you.

It's the Geico caveman!!!

My husband is Native American and doesn't do hair well. While underwater he doesn't have to shave...but he should! That's how his hair grows in! He doesn't grow hair on his cheeks AT ALL! How creepy is that!

At least he thinks it's nasty to and won't step off the boat with any hair on his face.