Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girls Trip! Forks, WA.

I like Twilight. I'm not a super obsessed fan, but I loved the books and the movies are pretty good. While I was here I knew I wanted to take a trip out to Forks just to do it. And say I've done it. I wanted to do it right. I wanted to stay in a B&B and I wanted to do the Twilight tour. So we did.

Sunday morning my momma, my MIL and I all got in the car and headed over. We knew it was going to take us at least 5 hours to get there so we packed everything we would need. We had blankets, pillows, snacks, books and music.

The best part of the drive were the ferry ride and the view on the peninsula. It's so beautiful out there. Everything is so green. 

My momma & I on the ferry.
In the car driving. It was a little chilly, but the air smelt so good I couldn't keep my window up.

We got to Forks at about 4 in the afternoon. Our B&B was the most amazing place I have ever stayed (A post for a different day...maybe tomorrow. Too many pictures to add on here.). We got settled in our suite and headed out for our tour.

We started right in town and took off to see all of the sites. Here are most of the sites we stopped at.

Charlies car. (You can see our B&B in the background. lol)
Bella's truck.
Hospital where Dr. Cullen works.
The Cullen house how it was described in the book not the movie. (This was our B&B)
The Swan's house.
The Black's house.
The High Schools sign.

We also went over to the LaPush side, but I will put those picture in a different post also. I took quite a few and this post is long enough already. lol.


Anonymous said...

okay wait. there is an "official tour"???

KK said...

Yep. Lol. Dazzled by Twilight Tours!

Miranda said...

This is so neat!!! :-) I'd really like to do this sometime!