Monday, August 16, 2010

Miller Tree Inn. Forks, WA.

I've never stayed at a bed & breakfast. I've always wanted to but was a little scared. Staying in someones home when you don't know them can be a little scary. I had seen on another blog that I read that they stayed here when they took a trip to Forks. So I figured it had to be good, and when they had nothing but good reviews online my fears subsided.

I made my reservation online a few weeks before we went and booked the "Ella Suite". They had one picture but I didn't really know what to expect. I did know that it was two rooms so we would all have enough space. I didn't know that it was going to be that amazing though.

My MIL room in our Suite. When someone isn't sleeping on it it turns into a couch and it's used at the living room.

Our private bathroom. It was huge and so great.

My momma & I's room. It was HUGE! We had a Tv, fridge, microwave and even a fireplace! The bed was more than big enough for us to share.

Those chairs were so comfy to sit and read in.

We watched twilight & new moon. haha.
Every room had the books (they let my mom and I walk around and peek in the rooms that didn't have guests)

We picked to be in Alice's room. Every room had the names of the Cullen's and you could pick who's room you stayed in. It was cute.

View out of our room.

Eggs Benedict! I'd never had it before and I have seriously been missing out. It was amazing. (Notice mine has no egg......since I don't eat them)

The graduation caps in the living room.

Me standing outside of our room. Remember this picture....

Me outside of the B&B.

This was the sign they had on the front porch. They update it every few days. I love how into the whole being the Cullen house they get. The town voted on what houses fit each description and they became part of the tour.

If you ever go to Forks I more than recommend the Miller Tree Inn. They were so nice and I felt so at home. I can't imagine staying anywhere better then that.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm definitely marking this place down as a place to go and stay!