Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hoh Rainforest! 1/4.

While I want home I wanted to do the quad. I wanted to put my feet in the ocean, hike a mountain, walk in the desert and the rainforest. So I did. Washington state is the only one that has all four. It has the only Rainforest in the United states!

While we were in Forks I knew I wanted head over to the rainforest since it was only about 45 min away. So before we headed to LaPush we went over. It was so beautiful. The trees were amazing. Some were the biggest I have ever seen! We hiked a few trails and went through the trail of mosses. I'm so glad that we got that chance to go there.

Here are some of my favorite pictures.

The entrance into the Rainforest.

Massive tree we stopped at. It was amazing how big it was.
Sign for the tree above^^

they had a neat little shop with fact and random things to buy. My mom and I couldn't help but laugh when we saw this book.

Everything was covered in moss. It was really neat.

The clearest water I've ever seen. It was a stream that we walked over and it was just amazing how clear it was.

Hall of mosses.

We had such a great time. the weather was perfect and everything was so beautiful!