Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seaside. 2/4.

Technically Seaside is in Oregon not in I will post Washington ocean pictures later just to prove all 4 are in fact in Washington but this is just to show that I did all 4 on my trip.

We went down to stay with my uncle and cousin for a few days. While we were there we went to Mt. St. Helens and Seaside Oregon. I haven't been to Seaside in years and was so excited to get to go again and even more so, to get to bring Landon down there.

They have a really great beach that stretches for miles with this powdery white sand. We walked around and I let Landon play in the water (I brought him a few changes of clothes because I figured he would get soaked...and he did). Landon and Sean ran in the water and jumped over waves for almost an hour before we decided to go walk around the strip. Landon had a blast and I'm so glad we took him down there. It's so different then the beaches we have in CT.

Landon before he got to the water.

Landon & Sean heading into the waves. Landon ended up getting hit by a pretty big one and getting soaked!

Me & Landon. After he got wet.

Once we got Landon changed Sean, Lan and I went to the little aquarium. It was a little hole in the wall, but you got to feed the seals!  They were so funny! They would do tricks to get you to feed them. One would slap it's side, one would rock back and forth on its belly on a rock in the tank, our favorite would jump up and clap its fins together...then there was a bully seal, he would splash you if you didn't feed him quick enough! He got us pretty good a few times! They also had a decent sized octopus that was in an open tank. I swear the thing could have come flying out at any moment if it wanted to.

Throwing fish!

Smiling real quick before getting splashed!

Our favorite...the clapper!

Watching the bully splash other people.

Octopus! Open tank! CRAZY!


Bri0213 said...

just seeing a picture of that octopus scares me...

Stephanie said...

Oh man...I am originally from southern Washington (Vancouver to be exact) and you are making me miss the NW soooo bad! My hubs is in the Navy too and we are currently stationed in Hawaii. While it's beautiful here, we'd give anything to move back to WA or OR! I love Seaside too. I agree, the aquarium is small and random, but I DO love the seals...although I feel kinda bad cause it seems like such a small enclosure for them. And in regards to the octopus comment IS scary...when I was little my parents set me up on that rock ledge to look down at the octopus and I almost fell in...needless to say, octopuses (is that even the way to say it plurally?) scare me to this day

Amanda said...

great pictures!! and the octopus is frightening!